Date bride from Russia wisely

Why do Ukrainian women want to marry a foreign man

rusewomennationalThis question is one of the first ones which pop up in everyone’s mind. Why is it that so many Ukrainian women are interested in finding a foreigner for dating and marriage?

The truth is that the answer isn’t simple, but we will try not to overwhelm you, after all, we want you to have fun and enjoy yourself. Continue reading

Getting married abroad.

Couple in the cityNo matter the fact what were your motivation for leaving your own country, and of the way how the life after marriage has changed, almost all the Russian brides while leaving abroad feel some special type of sorrow. This sorrow has a double face.

On the Motherland this kind of woman is a happy woman who sort of won a life’s lottery, she met a Prince Charming who lives a happy and rich life abroad, who brought her into a crystal castle in the light and golden place. A big quantity of Russian women can really do a lot of things, but that is not something that they need to do, as in order to meet a Prince you need to be a Princess as well, otherwise it is not really working. Continue reading

Russian bride meeting with a international groom.

biutifulgirlConclusions on the topic how to “unmask” the man who is a potential groom, and whether he needs “a little” of female attention, or if speaking with other words whether he is really ready to give you himself, as you expect him to, or he is simply happy with sucking of you all of your spiritual and physical reserves. Continue reading

The hottest Russian women online



Why do Russian women choose foreign men so often? Maybe all Russian men are terrible and ugly? As always, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Of course, an average man from Russia is not as attractive as he could be because of lack of sport and care about himself and too much smoking and drinking. Though there are still lots of good and decent men who are very popular among women. The problems is that there have been much more women than men for almost 40 years and thousands of amazing and attractive girls have to stay alone or be satisfied with a role of a lover. But who want to be the second if she deserves to be the first? That is the main reason of why Russian women try to find a husband from another country. Continue reading