Date bride from Russia wisely

Should you Try Free Dating in Russia?

free dating in RussiaOnline dating has become quite prominent now – the reason is simple – more and more people are now switching to technology and the advancements that have been developed in this field. Gone are the days when people used to search here and there to find their soul mate; now is the time when everything is right on the computer or cellphone screen. Continue reading

Why do Ukrainian women want to marry a foreign man

rusewomennationalThis question is one of the first ones which pop up in everyone’s mind. Why is it that so many Ukrainian women are interested in finding a foreigner for dating and marriage?

The truth is that the answer isn’t simple, but we will try not to overwhelm you, after all, we want you to have fun and enjoy yourself. Continue reading

Getting married abroad.

Couple in the cityNo matter the fact what were your motivation for leaving your own country, and of the way how the life after marriage has changed, almost all the Russian brides while leaving abroad feel some special type of sorrow. This sorrow has a double face.

On the Motherland this kind of woman is a happy woman who sort of won a life’s lottery, she met a Prince Charming who lives a happy and rich life abroad, who brought her into a crystal castle in the light and golden place. A big quantity of Russian women can really do a lot of things, but that is not something that they need to do, as in order to meet a Prince you need to be a Princess as well, otherwise it is not really working. Continue reading