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singleukrainegirlsPeople from former Soviet Union are usually taken for Russians – at least in the West. It is a mistake, though, as Ukrainians and Russians are quite different and this difference has been becoming more and more visible within last twenty years.

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How to impress a Ukrainian woman

Some Western men are too self-confident when it comes to women from Ukraine. They say that as Ukraine is a relatively poor country local women easily take the bait when sea money. Well, it’s a typical mistake that pretty often leads to bad experience of communication and we highly recommend you to avoid such things.

Women from Ukraine have proper self-respect and dignity and only few of them (usually young girls) are interested in money only.

So if you want to surprise a Ukrainian woman be honest, be sincere and don’t hesitate to pay compliments. They say women love with their ears and that’s true, especially in case with Ukrainian women.

Be pro-active

Dealing with Western women we are used to keep a certain distance – both physical and mental. We don’t call the too often, don’t invite them to our place too early and refrain from walking ahead to open the door for them. In the West people prefer personal freedom and equal relationships, but Ukraine is very different.

It can happen that your new friend from Ukraine does not text or call you. Don’t worry! She still likes you, but simply it’s not a common thing for a Ukrainian girl to make the first step. They prefer men to act. You’re the boss here, go ahead!

Such behavior does not mean that Ukrainians are too shy, that is just kind of a test for a man. If you really need her you will be active, you will take initiative and become the leader in your couple. That’s exactly what Ukrainian women want to get and probably you too, don’t you?impress a Ukrainian woman

Online dating is best way out

Finding a significant other on a dating website became a normal thing long ago and we recommend you not to ignore such an opportunity to make your life better. There is no better way to meet a nice girl from Ukraine than doing it here on

All the profiles you see after registration are profiles of real people – we thoroughly check them as we value our good reputation and our users. Our dating service is a place where you can find a partner for any kind of relationships – from friendship and online chatting to sex dating and marrying. Everything depends on what you prefer.

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